Happy 1 Year!

Hello hello,

1 year ago today I posted my first ever blogpost and wow… it seems like a lifetime away. This time last year I could never have predicted where I was going to be. I’ve managed to keep my little blog going, even through the stresses of uni, marathon training/fundraising and ever-changing friendships. I can honestly say I’m glad I’ve kept it up because it gives me that down time to do something I enjoy. 

So erm, here’s what I’ve gotten up to this past year…


I started and successfully completed my second year of uni, whilst also meeting the best group of friends. We’re a bit dysfunctional, but what group of friends isn’t? 


I ran the London Marathon with my dad, something that I will never ever forget. It was an experience and a half, let me tell you! Imagine seeing a girl run past Buckingham Palace in her socks. It happened… I was that girl. 


I went to my first ever festival with my best mate, and cried hopelessly when Shawn Mendes rocked up on stage and sang like the angel he is. 

I also got myself a summer job working as a mentor with NCS, and let me tell you, I met the best kind of people. I’ve never experienced having a job that doesn’t even feel like a job, but being a mentor didn’t feel like work at all. 

I’m hoping this next year is just as exciting as last,

Kelsey x

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