So long, 2nd year!

Hello everybody,

I am officially a FREE woman. Until September anyway… I’ve finished my second year of uni. Can I PLEASE get a hallelujah!

What. a. year.

Second year has been a big fat learning curve, with a whole lot of ups and downs. I’ve made a bunch of best friends, Β and even left some behind, all to better myself. But if there is one thing that second year has taught me? It’s definitely to let my hair down more often, and make more time for me and my work. Throughout second year I had 4 jobs and 4 voluntary roles for the whole year. So that equates to more jobs, than there are days of the week… As well as working, I was training for a marathon, running my blog and then I had my course to work towards (the most important of them all!).

To simply put it, second year was soul destroying… but I made it.

I have made a promise to myself that third year is going to be all about me and making sure I make memories with my uni pals, and obviously collecting my degree at graduation. I am so excited to see what my final year of university has to offer, because honestly, it could be anything. I have got so many goals that I want to smash this year, and the motivation is strong.

Kelsey x


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