Hey hey hey everyone!

So to kick things off back on the old ‘regular updates’, I thought I would start off with a good old haul! 

This haul is literally from Primark (Surprise, surprise…) and Sports Direct. I obvs have a huge obsession with Primark, but also with sports wear and gym clothes. I honestly cannot help myself when it comes to buying new gym leggings, I must have at least 10 pairs of leggings… help.

First off, lets have a little looky at some of the stuff I picked up from Primark! Every time I go in I always manage to find myself a bargain, and believe me, as a student I need all of the bargains I can get!

0D0F2980-2FA7-4202-AEB4-07E97E891EB6You loving the pink theme? I am. Anyway, the first thing I picked up was the coal-coloured hat with flowers embroidered on to the foldy bit. This was only £2! I never usually go for hats without a bobble on the end, so I really pushed the boat out here.  Next up we have the cosiest jumper EVER! It’s the most beautiful pink colour, which is perfect in time for spring. On the front it reads ‘It’s cool to be kind’, so you know, practice what you preach because kindness is a gem.


Then we have the comfiest sweat pants in the world, for £7. They are oh so soft, and skinny sweats too! So you could get away with wearing them to the shops on a Sunday… Don’t judge, Sundays are made for slouching in your comfy clothes. They have a little ‘California’ logo on the left leg, which makes them kind of authentic. Finally, I picked up some super pretty earrings. They have a gold circle, which sits on the earlobe, and then some funky dangly tassels! Now the best part, is that they only cost me £1. Literally 50p per earring. Crazy.

Moooooving on to my little Sports Direct haul –>

Now if you’re not familiar with Sports Direct, its a shop that sells… wait for it… sports wear/equipment. They pretty much always have a sale on, like 9 times out of 10. I mean, I’m not complaining, they’re the source of my gym clothes addiction!

I literally only purchased three things from here, but in my defence, I needed each item… Firstly we have my funky ‘2 FOR £12’ compression socks. These are knee high socks that apply pressure to your lower legs (hold onto your hats, we’re getting science-y now) and so it maintains the blood flow and reduces any swelling/discomfort.  I purchased a boring white pair, and a bright pink pair which I’m hoping to try out in my training for the marathon. Lets hope they make a difference!

Then we have some USA PRO gym leggings. AKA the loves of my life. I love love love any kind of gym wear, but my faves are gym leggings. They’re comfy, stretchy and you can get away with wearing them outside of the gym too. They cost £16 instead of £32 (I did tell you Sports Direct had a sale on 99% of the time). I can not wait to try my new kit out, and I’ll keep y’all updatedddd.


In other news, I also have a instagram and twitter account dedicated to my fitness journey! My twitter can be found here and my instagram, over here. So feel free to show my new accounts some lovin’ if you’re interested.

Thanks for reading,

Kelsey x

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