Hey, Hi, Hello, Howdy.

I have been M.I.A recently, but that’s quite simply because I have been incredibly busy with life. Life gets in the way sometimes, and it’s okay to push things to the side for a little while, which is exactly what I’ve done with my blog. Have I missed writing posts? Yep. Am I excited to start updating regularly again? OF COURSE!

Where have I been? 

One word. University. Although, it’s not just uni… but most of it is. First off, my university course/studies come first always, I’m paying wayyy too much money to fail or get just a ‘satisfactory’ grade. Then I’ve been training for the London Marathon in April, and fundraising (I need to raise £2,000 so feel free to donate some dollar to your girl). Then I’ve been doing my part time jobs and trying to have a normal social life, like any other 20 year old.

I have finished uni for this year – YEEESSSSS – So now all I have to do is complete an 8 week placement in a primary school, which I love, it’s my favourite part of the course and I meet some incredible children. The best part about placement, is that I’ll be teaching in a school at home, instead of in the North of England (like last year). Being at home has several benefits:

  • I don’t have to pay to do my laundry
  • I don’t have to cook food
  • I won’t miss any of the cricket season (big whoop whoop!)
  • There will be no more painful train journeys to and from home
  • My dog (She is a princess)



Summer Plans?

My summer is going to consist of, working at my job, relaxing, enjoying the cricket season and celebrating Nathan’s 21st birthday! Last year, I was involved with a lot over the summer, and by the end it became stressful and I wasn’t enjoying myself at all. So this year I’m being SELFISH. Yep, selfish. I’m going to put myself and my needs first for a change. If I’m not enjoying something, then I’m not going to keep doing it. Why would you?  (I’ll keep you all updated on how that works out for me)…


There you have it, my little life update.

Thanks for reading,

Kelsey x



PS. if you want to donate to my fundraising target for the London Marathon here’s some extra info… Every single penny raised, will be going to the Royal British Legion who do great things for the military personnel and the families. They’re a charity very close to my heart!

If you’re feeling kind, and fancy donating then head on over to my virgin money fundraising page!

PPS. Congrats if you made it this far down, leave a comment with your summer plans down below! I have a half marathon tomorrow, so erm, wish me luck thanks.

4 thoughts on “LIFE UPDATE

  1. I feel you, university has been drowning me lately and my job is just the cherry on top, but I enjoy the hustle. This summer, I think my dad is visiting the first week of June, I’m going to Luxembourg for a gig, my mate is coming for a week in July and I’m travelling with my grandma and aunties in August. Busy, busy! Last summer, I just worked, so I need this. Other than that, I will split my time between working and my Master’s dissertation.

    Rachel ||

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