Hello Everyone, JANUARY IS AMSOST OVER and pay day is right around the corner!

If you were here around the beginning of January then you would know that I decided to go Vegan for the entire month, and for quite a few reasons. First off, I wanted to detox my body from all of the rubbish I ate over Christmas (I ate like a pig, no joke), secondly I wanted to tone up a little bit, and what better way than cutting out dairy, and finally, I saw it as a challenge. Here’s a bunch of stuff that I’ve learnt from being vegan for a month:

  • You’re open to judgement

A lot of people will ask ‘why?’ or ‘how?’, but then some people would just call you stupid because you’re not ‘getting all of your nutrients’. You just have to take people’s opinions with a pinch of salt, people live differently and there’s no point forcing something on others, its wrong.

  • You can eat a LOT

In the first week, I was a bit concerned as to what I could eat. Being limited with food, was not my favourite idea. But, there’s actually SO much that you can eat, and you can find vegan alternatives for pretty much anything! Even Ben and Jerries ice cream. Honestly, Vego Bars are better than Cadbury’s.

  • You miss certain foods

I keep getting cravings for Mozzarella and Camembert, and I’m not even the biggest fan of cheese…

  • You learn a whole lot

I’ve watched the likes of Cowspiracy (yep, cow) and What The Health, as well as doing my research and it’s quite amazing what you learn. I’m not going to write about any of it, if you want to research it then you can.

  • Being Vegan in catered accommodation is DIFFICULT

Honestly, it can be so frustrating sometimes when they don’t put out vegan options. So you end up going to the shops and whipping up your own meal. I mean, university is my only barrier really, next year I’ll be able to cook for myself and it’ll make life a whole lot easier.

So, after this month is up I’ve decided I’m going to stay vegan. It may be testing at times, but I feel so much better since cutting out animal product from my diet and I’ve lost some weight too, which is a bonus!

Thanks for reading,

Kelsey x


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