Travelling is one of my biggest dreams, and has been since I can remember. The thought of living freely and seeing the world makes me feel so content. I’d love to travel to all of the small underrated places, the cosy places where you can try new foods and meet new interesting people! A sunshine holiday is nice, but I really love exploring new cities. I’ve put together a list of places that I want to visit in 2018, and my goal is to try and tick them all off.

  • Greece

First off, Greek food is just incredible. So delicious! And secondly, they just seem like really lovely people in such a beautiful country. I have no idea what area of Greece I’d like to go to, but I do know I want to go.


  • Italy

This has been a dream of mine for years. The Italian culture is just beautiful, and there are so many cities I want to visit, such as Florence, Venice and of course Rome. This would be a perfect holiday because it’s got the food, the history, the culture and a bit of the romance!



  • Amsterdam

A lot of my friends have been to Amsterdam and have been raving about it! Apparently it’s just such a relaxed place and the scenery is beautiful! If I go, I will definitely have to hire a bike so I could cycle around and see all of the views. The canals would be a must-see, as well as the bench from The Fault in Our Stars!



  • Copenhagen

I have no idea why, but I’m really in love with the thought of travelling around Europe and seeing all of the small towns and cities that have so much character! Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to visit America and Australia, but for now Europe is where it’s at! Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and there is so much you can do there, such as visiting classic windmills, and Christiansborg Palace. It seems like a city with so much quality and uniqueness! It’s definitely a must for me, this year.



  • Budapest

Finally, I would love to travel to Budapest! It’s the capital of Hungary and full of culture. There’s a lot of architecture to be seen, as well as markets, dancing and their food. This seems to be one of those holidays where you could walk several miles in just one day.



I think the places I’m going to definitely try and visit, are Italy, Greece and Copenhagen. I’m so excited for this year, as I’m making it my goal to travel to new and exciting places, as well as meeting new and interesting people.

If you have any travel recommendations, let me know!


Kelsey x


2 thoughts on “MY TRAVEL GOALS 2018

  1. This list is really wonderful. One of my friends visited Greece and her pics were amazing :). Hope you accomplish your goals. One of the cities in my list is Switzerland which I m yet to visit. Apart from that Scotland is also a beautiful place.

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