Hello Everyone, I hope you’ve all had a fab week so far!

It’s halfway through January, your bank account may be struggling a little, deadlines are due and all of this gloomy weather may leave you feeling blue. Sometimes when it all gets a bit too much, it’s so important to take time out for yourself and destress before you explode.  I’ve put a list of things that I love doing when I’m feeling stressed, or a bit down, and by the end of the day I’m feeling a lot more relaxed and positive, and in the right mindset to sit and work on my next assignment. (That was a long intro… sorrrryy)

So, anyway lets get on with it:

  • Painting

At school I was never creative, and when it came to painting I was usually the one with a big splodge on their paper. However recently (I mean like 3 days ago), I had the urge to buy some water colours and brushes, and since then I’ve loved it. It’s so relaxing and watercolours make some really pretty patterns and shades.  The pictures is one that I felt inspired to do, and it turned out quite well for me! All you have to do, is throw on some music and away you go.IMG_3685

  • Pamper Sesh

Now, I know a tonne of people always say ‘have a bath and a pamper session, and it’ll all be okay’. But it’s true. Finding time to wind down and relax, and take care of your body is a really important thing to do. So head to lush and pick up some bath bombs and bubble bars, grab a face mask, (You can get Holler and Glow sheet masks from Primark for £3, there’s zero mess) and you will be on your way! Of course feel free to add some candles and a book or music.
Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

  • Having an Early Night

Sometimes all you need, is a good nights sleep. It can be a lot harder to focus and think straight when you’re tired, so make sure to get an early night so you can feel as fresh as a daisy the next day! Sleep is very good for you and something your body needs, so depriving your body isn’t going to go down too well with aspects of your body, like your skin.

  • Get Fit

Now when I say get fit, I mean go to a fitness class. Exercise releases ‘feel-good’ hormones, so why not try some light activity such as yoga or a gentle swim. If you’re really feeling it, you can go to town with Zumba, or even go to a boxing class to let any frustrations disappear. You never regret a workout.


  • Hydrate & Eat Well

Water is so important for you! Your body and it’s organs need water to function efficiently. It’s also great for your skin, and by staying hydrated you are more able to focus and feel awake and perky.  DRINK WATER. Food is so important too! Whether it’s some chocolate, or a big salad bowl, feed your body.


  • Write a list

If you have a LOT going on in your life it can be stressful, especially if you have to keep important information in your head! So write a list. Get it down on paper, so you can see what you have to achieve. It can be dates, times, or something as simple as ‘picking up milk’. Lists make my life sooo much easier! By writing things down, it gives you some space to breath and think.

  • A Duvet Day

You just can not beat a duvet day. Grab some movies (or Netflix), a drink, some snacks, and most importantly, your duvet. Get comfy and let your worries slide. Sometimes if life is a bit much, a duvet day is all you need to bring yourself back down to earth again. Although I wouldn’t recommend this if you have deadlines coming out of your ears…


Whenever I’m feeling stressed or a little torn away, these are some of the things I like to do to relax or prepare myself for upcoming stress. I hope they help you! Let me know in the comments what you do to destress or take time out.

Thanks for reading,

Kelsey x


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