Hello Everyone, and welcome baaccckkk!

So as of Monday, I am back at university full-time again. It was a great month off, and I loved uploading everyday! But now I’m back at uni, I will only be posting once a week on Wednesday’s at 5.30pm. This is because my studies (obviously) have to take priority right now as it’s a solid future, something I love, and something I’m paying a LOT of money for.

Anyways, I thought I’d post about keeping organised and how I control my workload! In my first year of uni I found myself forgetting things a lot (I have awful memory) and so in second year I made my life so much easier by buying a journal. I’d seen bullet journals around a lot in first year and LOVED the look of them, but it just seemed like a lot of work for a journal. But, something kept taking me back to them, so I purchased a Lemome Journal from Amazon, as well as a packet of fine line pens and some washi tape (you know the staple supplies for having a bujo). I spent my entire summer working on my journal and had September to December all written up and ready to go! Right I should probably make a start on keeping organised…

  • Keep a Journal/Diary

Anything that fits in with your life! Whether it’s a diary that you write the date into, or a diary that is already laid out for you. My journal is my life saviour, and has everything in it. It keeps me organised ahead of time, so I could tell you what I’m doing April 22nd. (I’m running a marathon, in case you’re interested).


  • Post-It notes

My university room, in first year, was COVERED in post-it notes. Absolutely covered. It helped me to remember things that were happening within the next few days, or anything urgent that needed to be done. My only issue with these is that they loose their stick and fall. So by the end of the year, I had a pile of sticky notes up to my ears.

  • Use your phone

We’re quite a technology-obsessed nation, so there’s really no excuse for not being organised, especially when you have all the tools on your phone. You have the ‘reminders’ app, ‘notes’, ‘clocks’ for setting those all-important morning alarms. This option works really well if you’re fond of relying on technology for important dates etc. I personally prefer having everything physically in front of me, so journals and post-its are my way forward!

  • Microsoft Excel

If you used the spreadsheet software in school, you’re probably thinking ‘nope, I’m out’ but please bare with. I used Excel to track my blogmas, I listed the dates, and the topic of my blogpost with any relevant notes. This made blogmas 100000x easier for me! Excel is super easy to use, if you’re using it as a calendar and can be done however many months in advance you like! So if you’re feeling sitting and writing out 365 days, then feel free.

What top tips do you guys have, to keep organised?

Thanks for reading,

Kelsey x

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