Hello Everyone, I hope 2018 is being good to you so far!

Now with every new year, comes resolutions, or goals and aspirations for the coming year. Everyone is different, some people don’t bother with them, and some people love them! I fall into the latter, I find that New Year is the perfect time for making a change and becoming a better and healthier person. So, as expected, I’ve got a few of my own resolutions or goals. Some are crazy, and some are so so simple.

One of them is more of a challenge, I’m going to be going vegan for 31 days. Now for a girl who loves her chicken, this could be… is definitely going to be one heck of a challenge. Vegans don’t consume any product produced by/involved with an animal, this includes ALL dairy (yes giving up chocolate is going to be hard, send help), meat and fish. Β The easy part will be giving up fish, because I rarely eat it, but meat will be difficult.

I’ve decided to start on the 8th January, when I start back at university, only because I don’t want to make cooking awkward for my parents, and I’ll be fending for myself at uni so it’ll be okay.

To me, a vegan diet seems so limited. However I’ve got a few friends who are actually vegan, and apparently there is a LOT of good food that I’m missing out on. I guess I’m trying out being a vegan for a lot of reasons, such as seeing if it benefits my health, I LOVE animals, and I’m in need of a good detox too. (I also had a really horrible dream that involved animals and it has scarred me for life. If you know, you know).

So yep, as of next week I will be going vegan for 31 days… If you’re a vegan, help a girl out with some recipes and snack ideas, because I feel like this could be a long 31 days.

Wish me luck please, I’m gonna need it…

Kelsey x

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