Hello everyone. IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE!!!! Which means two things… it’s the penultimate day of Blogmas 😦 but it’s CHRISTMAS TOMORROW! Which is so super exciting! Unless, you’re not too fond on Christmas, or you don’t celebrate the tradition, in which case, Happy Holidays!

The first thing that happens on Christmas morning, is waking up (obvs). My mum and dad are usually way more excited than me first thing, which is kind of cute. So we’ll all start drinking pretty much as soon as we’re awake, which means SNOWBALLS ALL AROUND! If you’re not sure what a snowball is, it’s Advocaat and lemonade, aka super delish drink. Drinks in hand, we whack out a tub of celebrations (our Christmas Day is not sounding very healthy at all… But it is Christmas after all) and gather around the Christmas tree.

So my mum is labeled the ‘chief present distributor’, and once we all have our gifts we take it in turns to open one each. Now this can be kind of intense, because EVERYONE is watching you open these presents and idk it’s just a bit of pressure when unwrapping your gifts…

After the gifts have been opened, my mum will start the Christmas dinner, and I’ll usually help my dad set up any gifts he’s got/try them out. We pretty much chill until our three course dinner is ready, and then it’s pretty much a food coma for a few hours with a movie in the background.

Our evening is spent drinking and playing some form of board game, which ends in laughter. (Just a little side note, I can not stand Monopoly, and will avoid it at all costs). Then we pretty much head to bed quite late, and get ready for our Boxing Day party!

Thanks for reading, and Merry Christmas

Kelsey x


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