Hello everyone, and today is Blogmas Day 22! Christmas is getting so close now, which means that the festive parties are in full swing! I’ve decided to create a post on must-have winter lip products that’ll keep your lips looking fresh and fancy throughout the party!

First off, we’ve got a must have lip plumper (if you’re in to lip lump, that is). It’s the Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Lip Plump from Soap and Glory. Gee what a mouthful. I only recently started using their lip plump, and it is amazing. It smells so good, and works a treat! You can feel it really tingle, it’s almost like your lips have pins and needles… It’s my favourite lip plump going, Soap and Glory is also cruelty free which is awesome. Also, can we please just appreciate Soap and Glory’s amazing puns?


Primark have upped their makeup game recently, and they have some super affordable makeup that’s actually not that bad. I swear by their concealer at the minute! This lip product comes as a kit, and includes a liquid lipstick and lip liner. Β It’s a metallic lip kit in the shade Cherry, and is so festive! It’s perfect if you’re not too fond on a big bold red lip, but want to spice up your makeup for Christmas. Primark are also cruelty free, which is super handy if you’re vegetarian/vegan or just love animals.


Next up we have a classic, MAC Velvet Teddy. This is a simple nude colour for those everyday makeup looks. Now MAC is not cruelty free (time for a little disclosure) I was gifted this lipstick for Christmas and love the colour/consistency, however I personally would not buy from MAC as I am working on a cruelty free makeup bag. That being said, this is a lovely nude colour, perfect for winter.

Finally, we have a beautiful plum colour from Primark’s Cosmetics. Now, this lipstick doesn’t have a shade, but it’s in a really snazzy black tube and when you press a button, the lipstick pops out. It’s so much fun to play with, especially if you’re bored or nervous. Plum is such a wintery colour and can be matched with almost everything. I love it.


Do you have any of the lip products I’ve mentioned? If you do, what do you think of them?

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas,

Kelsey x

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