Hello everyone, happy Blogmas Day 21! I hope you’re all feeling super festive and having a fab day! Todays blog post is going to be all about Christmas Eve boxes, for children and adults. Who says adults can’t get in on the festive fun?


First off, you need to find yourself a box or a wicker basket, or just a plastic bag (I mean whatever your style, but I’d recommend a personalised box/hamper because then you can use it year after year). New pyjamas are a MUST in Christmas Eve boxes, have you ever head of Christmas Eve pyjamas? They’re a real thing you know. So buy some super festive pyjamas and maybe even some slippers too, if you want them to be extra cosy.

Next up, you want a movie and/or a book. The movie and book will of course vary on age and who you’re buying for, but they go down a treat! After you’ve watched the movie, and are ready for bed, you can snuggle down with your brand new book. How perfect does that sound?

So you definitely need some snacks to keep you going through the evening, I’d definitely recommend Maltesers, popcorn, M&M’s and other little nibbles. You could also throw In a new Christmas mug and a hot chocolate set. For the adults, you could use Toffee Apple Cider (tastes amazing btw) and you can find it in Tesco! (I’m not sure if this exists in America, but any nice alcoholic beverage will do just fine).

Then you’re pretty much good to go. I mean, you can of course add other little bits, like gold coins and a chocolate Santa. Just to clarify as well, this isn’t a definite ‘You need to have these in your box’, just some nice festive suggestions.

Have you got a Christmas Eve box this year?

Thanks for reading,

Kelsey x

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