Hello Everyone! Welcome to Blogmas day 19! HOLY BALLS. Can you even believe that Christmas is in 6 days… I can’t even. Just a quick sidenote; If you’ve stuck with me this far through blogmas, then thank you so much and I hope you see this through to the end with me!

So this is going to be a hefty blogpost, but there are lots of pictures (I’m dressed as an elf in one, so keep reading!)

Right, so this year I’ve been to one Christmas market, and a half. Now you’re probably thinking ‘how can you only go to half a Christmas market?’. Well, where I live they’ve recently (in the past few years) introduced a European Christmas market aaaaanndddd it’s not the greatest at all. It’s mostly food, which is great, but it’s not really a Christmas market. Since I’ve lived in Germany, no Christmas Market will ever beat Germany. Even if they claim to be a ‘German Market’, it will never be the same. So this year, I’ve been to one in Birmingham, and half of one in Telford.

So, whilst myself, Nathan, his little brother Jack (I use the term ‘little’ loosely. He’s 17) and his friend are wondering around Telford markets, we bumped into my sister! She was with her children (my nephew and niece) and partner, and it was such a nice little surprise. I don’t get to see her a lot because of uni, so it was great catching up with her again! People don’t think we look alike, but take away the hair colour and we’re pretty similar!2jjmD+T1Qgac0Kce7X6zFQ




So, the above photos are just a few that I took in Telford. The orange/lime/fruit garland hut smelled INCREDIBLE. No word of a lie, it was heavenly. I wish I purchased one… maybe I still can. Hmm, I’ll keep you updated.

After our little rendezvous, we went back to Nathan’s dad’s house to decorate! Now none of us are the best at decorating, so the tree kind of looks like a Christmas fairy has vommed all over it… buuuuut it looks festive and well-loved! Nathan decided to be a scrooge and not help until the tree was fully standing with the lights on, so it was down to me and Jack! (Who also gets photo creds for me with the tree!)25198494_1429499513839327_928940627_o25316887_1429499480505997_870013034_o

I did say you’d get to see me dressed as an elf. I hope it was worth it!25317294_1429499637172648_1530740284_o

So, the story of this blog post. We actually decorated the tree and went to Telford markets on the 9th December, then Birmingham, on the 18th December! So it’s essentially a big scrap book of festive stuff. But moving on to Birmingham markets:

I’d never been to Birmingham Christmas markets, until recently and they were miles better than the ones in Telford! Buuuut nothing will ever compare to a German Christmas market… in Germany. They are, and always will be, the best Christmas markets, always.

So, yesterday myself and Nathan ended up eating a 50cm bratwurst (HALF A METRE!) as well as a regular sized bratwurst. We then warmed up with a hot chocolate, and let me tell you, the mugs were so cute! Heres, a little picture of my and my boyfriend (Nathan) with our super tasty hot choc.

Me and Nathan Xmas market

Some of the markets had some really beautiful little trinkets, most of the time it’s just stuff you don’t actually need but it looks so cute and festive so you get extremely tempted… Β Here are some of the photos I took:

Birmingham christmas marketssSome of the most beautiful rocks, they even had wind chimes made out of them. They sounded so pretty and twinkly!Birmingham Christmas marketsss

Xmas Market birmingham

This stall was probably the cutest stall there! They were tiny little houses and shops, like a florist, patisserie and Apotheke (which in English is a pharmacy). They were just the most adorable little houses, and I’m sure if you purchased all of them then you could definitely create a whole new village in your house!

Xmas markets in Birmingham

This stall was just so tempting to buy from! They were all hand painted candle jars! There were some really intricate, beautiful patterns, and you just pop a little tea light candle inside the jar. They would have made the sweetest gift to a candle lover.

Have you guys been to any Christmas markets this year?

Thanks for reading, and I think it’s now okay to say Merry Christmas!

Kelsey x


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