How to: Pinterest Wrapping

Hello everybody, and welcome to Blogmas Day 12!

So, the past week or so I’ve spent writing assignments (How fun right? Wrong) so I decided to treat myself, and wrap some presents! Now some people would be like ‘I cant think of anything worse, than wrapping presents’, but I absolutely love it! I would become a professional wrapper if there was such a thing.

This year, I’ve stepped up my wrapping game (It’s getting serious now!) and I’m armed with cute paper, twine, ribbon and most importantly… jingle bells.

I spent my day in the most perfect way possible, cold snow outside, and toasty me inside wrapping gifts singing along to Christmas songs. Loving life! But lets get on to the main point of the blog post:

How to be a pretty damn good wrapper.

Colour Scheme:

  • The colour scheme/style is pretty important if you want the gift to look ‘together’. This year, I’ve gone for a ‘Highland-esque, brown paper and twine’ kind of look. Not gonna lie guys, I love it!


  • Now, accessories on a gift, can make or break the look. If it doesn’t go with the style of the paper then it’s a no-go. Simple. Some people use really plain paper, and have quite stand-out accessories. Such as white speckles, with twin wrapped around the centre of the gift and some trimmings tucked into the twine. So simplistic yet so aesthetically pleasing! Even something as simple as brown wrapping paper, with a candy cane style twine. Perfect.

Christmas gift blog


  • Now of course, it’s all very well saying that you need certain paper and accessories to make a gift look all ‘Pinterest’ and ‘Tumblr’, but you can make any gift look amazing with any paper, so long as it’s neat! Wrapping comes with practice, the more you wrap the neater it gets. If you struggle to wrap awkward gifts (like a mug) then whack it in a box. Sorted. No more awkward gift problems.

Now get ready for the ‘Here’s one I made earlier!’:

pinterest wrapping

So theres my wrapping style this year! Some cute white/gold twine, brown patterned paper, tartan deer tags and topped of with a festive jingle bell! Believe it or not, my paper and name tags came from completely different shops… buuuuttt they work perfectly together. It was just meant to be really!

How’s your wrapping coming along? Hopefully this guide helped you out a little bit!

Thanks for reading,

Kelsey x

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