Hello guys, I hope you’re all feeling jolly! So we’re well on into December now, which means that the Christmas blog posts are well and truly flooding the internet. If you have a brother, dad, boyfriend or any other significant male in your life, then you may want to stick around for this one. A good ol’ gift guide – for him!

So a good place to start, is things that they need/practical items such as underwear, socks and slippers. I’ve found that you just cannot go wrong with these kinds of gifts, because they’re bound to run out sooner or later and he will probably appreciate them!

Next up is aftershave! Most of the time, it can be expensive, but not if you know the right places to look! Believe it or not, B&M are so affordable with their fragrances, and they cut the price! They’re also well known fragrances as well, so they’re not bad quality.

You can never go wrong with chocolate! Unless they’re allergic to chocolate… in which case you’d probably want to skip this one out or swap chocolate for biscuits?

Next up, is pretty similar to the whole chocolate scenario. But with alcohol! (Obvs if you’re not old enough to purchase alcohol then moooove along) If you’re old enough, then maybe this one’s for you! A nice bottle of alcohol will always go down well at Christmas, it’s pretty much a perfect gift. One I would recommend, is the Jack Daniels, winter Jack Apple whisky! It’s got all of those warm flavours you want in the winter. Perfecto!

Finally, I’d recommend some little stocking fillers, such as a new mug (Asda do some great ones btw!), moisturiser (boys seem to forget how important this is) and a cute little notebook, because you can never have enough stationary!

I hope this little gift guide helped you out, and has given you some idea for what to get the man in your life!

Thanks for reading,

Kelsey x

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