Hello everybody, welcome to blogmas day7!

December is already going far to quick for my liking…

Christmas is the time of giving! But, lets face it, giving can be expensive. Especially if you’re a student, or just a regular person. Christmas isn’t cheap at all.

Soooo I’m hoping to make life a little easier for you all this Christmas, by pointing you in the right direction, and providing you with online, and offline, retailers!


  • Amazon. (www.amazon.co.uk)

Your typical place to go for online shopping. You can grab some really good bargains from Amazon, and it’s where I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping so far!

  • Not on the High Street (www.notonthehighstreet.com)

I think this pretty much speaks for itself… A lot of very cute gift ideas that you can personalise to make your own! Some items can be pricey but there are a few really good buys.

  • Etsy (www.etsy.com)

If you haven’t heard of Etsy, then you must be living under a rock. Etsy is the way forward for creative and crafty people, who create things, that you buy from online! It’s a pretty trustworthy site, and by buying from someone on Etsy, you’re helping out individual buyers!

  • Present Finder (www.thepresentfinder.co.uk)

This website is pretty similar to Not on the High Street, with its quirky unique gifts! I actually purchased an inflatable penis costume from this website, although I think that’s a story for another day…


In Store:

  • Primark

It’s cheap, it’s cheerful and you can’t really go wrong. (Plus, they have a whole lot of Disney stuff going on too!)

  • Wilko’s

This is the best place to go for everything. I’m not even kidding. Bedding? yep. Gardening stuff? You bet ya. Giant teddies? Of course. Pick ‘n’ mix? without a doubt. Wilko’s is so affordable as well, and their products are good quality too!

  • B&M and Home bargains

Right, I’ve put B&M and Home Bargains under the same section, only because they are so incredibly similar. They both sell a lot of stuff that you never knew you needed, until you see it. It’s affordable, and they have a little Christmas section filled with sweets, chocolates etc. and Christmas present ideas!  So if you’ve got a Secret Santa, that you have no idea what to get… Head to B&M/Home Bargains!

  • Asda

Asda is like Walmart. Hang on. Asda is apart of the Walmart family. So, they’re basically the same. Asda Home, is a home section full of the cutest room decor perfect for winter/Christmas! Asda are so seasonally in fashion, it’s unbelievable.  They have pretty much anything, it’s all cute, and it’s all affordable too.

  • TK Maxx

Right, so bear with me on this one. TK Maxx is full of designer wear, yes. But TK Maxx also cuts down the prices of designer wear. So the opportunity to find yourself a ‘banging bargain’ is great!


There we have it, my best places to shop this Christmas. I hope this has helped some of you with your shopping and saving money! But remember, Christmas isn’t always about presents, its about the presence of loved ones!

Thanks for reading,

Kelsey x




*feature image is not mine*


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