Hello Everybody,

welcome back to my little corner of the internet, today is day 6 of blogmas!

Christmas time is all about being with your friends, family and the ones you love. But there comes a time where you do something completely different than what you’re used to, like when you move out and one day have your very own Christmas. Sometimes, you could be in a different country. Or it could just be a case of two events happening at the same time, and you can only make one of them.

For me, I have always spent Christmas with my mum and dad, always. Nathan and I haven’t spent a Christmas together, we shared the morning last year but he then went home to be with his family. This year, I’ll be spending the whole of Christmas Day with Nathan’s family, and whilst I am so excited to get in with their fun and traditions, I also really don’t want to miss out on anything with my family. Of course, I’ll see them on Boxing Day, but Christmas is special and I’m a very family-orientated person. I think it’s just going to be a bit odd, not doing the things that I would on Christmas morning and other little quirks. An example of this is breakfast on Christmas morning, Nathan’s told me his family have pork pie whereas my family have a big tub of celebrations or heroes.

It’s going to be a very interesting, but exciting Christmas and I’m really looking forward to spending Christmas Day with Nathan for the first time.

So I guess, Christmas FOMO is very real, especially with all of the parties and dinners going on, its just natural to not want to miss out on the fun. I know that where ever I am, and whatever I do, I’ll be surrounded by people I care about and that’s what is important.

What are you doing for Christmas?

Thanks for reading,

Kelsey x

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