Hello Everybody and welcome to blogmas, Day 2!

The festive season is upon us, its going to be a mad rush, but its okay because thats why we’ve got Christmas movies! Now there is nothing better than having a lazy day, in December, binge watching a load of Christmas movies. They make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside, especially if you’re snuggled under a blanket with a nice mug of hot chocolate. Yummmmm!

So this Christmas, I have set myself the challenge (not a difficult one at all) of watching a Christmas movie every other day throughout December, which will lead us up to Christmas Eve. Perfect. So here is my list of Christmas films I will be watching this month! (Not necessarily in this order)

  1. ELF.

This is such a classic, I am not even surprised I chose it. Everybody loves to watch ELF on a cold December day!

2. Home Alone

This was just my childhood. Not being home alone… but the movies. The first Home Alone movie will always and forever be my favourite Home Alone movie. (Wow Kelsey, how many times do you want to say ‘Home Alone’ in one sentence).

3. Arthur Christmas

Probably one of my ultimate favourites, ever! And I pretty much relate to Arthur, because I’m Christmas-obsessed and clumsy. Standard.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

This could be controversial, maybe, maybe not? I feel like this is the film that you can watch from October all the way through to December, just because you can. I’m still not sure if it’s a Halloween film, or a Christmas film to be honest…

5. The Polar Express

I’ve never seen this, but the song ‘The Polar Express’ is on my Christmas playlist and I love it, soooo I have very high Christmassy hopes for this movie.

6. The Grinch

For all of those people in your life, who don’t enjoy Christmas…

7. Love Actually

I tried watching this last year, It didn’t really float my boat to be honest. Buuuuut Nathan is adamant that I will really love the film, so I’m going to watch it again, just because it’s Christmas.

8. The Santa Clause 1,2&3

Don’t judge me. I love these films. The first two are my favourite, they’re just full of christmassy spirit and make me feel super magical. I’ve put these as ‘one movie’ just because I want to binge watch all three of them on a weekend…

9. A Christmas Carol

An absolute classic. Enough said.

10. Fred Claus

I only recently discovered this, and I really enjoyed the film. Because I’ve only seen it once, I think I’ll enjoy it even more.

11. The Nativity

Loooove this! As a trainee primary teacher, this movie just makes me laugh, I love it. The first one is the best, you can’t beat the original.

12. Four Christmases

Vince Vaughn… Again. I’ve never seen this film, and it seems like a Christmas romcom which I am always down for.

So there we go. My 12 Days of Christmas Movies! I probably won’t watch them in this specific order, but I will definitely be watching all of them!

Thanks for reading & Merry Christmas. —– is that too early? idk

Kelsey x

3 thoughts on “12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS MOVIES

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