A Christmas To-do List

Hello again, I hope everybody is doing great!

Welcome to my first Blogmas! Day 1! So I am so excited to share the festive season with you all, and I’ve got lots of exciting blog posts coming up, every day this month!

So to kick off December, I thought I would bring you my little ‘Christmas to-do list’.

Every year, I always want to try out some new festive things, or make sure that I carry on any traditions from past years. It can be tricky to keep track of, with lots going on such as Christmas shopping, preparing food, and wrapping presents. So this time around, I am prepared. First off, I have a bullet journal which is incredibly helpful and lets me stay organised and prepared, which is beyond amazing when it comes to being a student with three jobs and three voluntary rolls. Anywayyyy I’ve got a very festive December layout, with a ‘Christmas to-do list’, which is pretty much a bunch of things I want to do! Lets go.

  1. Write Christmas cards, and deliver them.

Christmas cards are a classic christmassy thing to do! I feel like more and more people aren’t doing Christmas cards, so I’m going to write some out and deliver them to people!

2. Β Bake Christmas cookies/build a gingerbread house.

Last year, I tried to bake cookies… Epic Fail. Will try again this year.

3. Go to Midnight Mass

This idea, kind of stemmed from my nana, and how much she enjoyed going to midnight mass to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. I’ve never been, and really want to go and see what it’s about! I think it’s important that people do recognise the true meaning of Christmas, and it can be different for every person. But it’s not always about presents!

4. Visit the Christmas Markets

I haven’t actually been to any Christmas markets since living in England, and if I’m honest I am pretty reluctant to go. I used to live in Germany, and let me tell you, their Christmas markets are unbeatable! This year though, I have already planned out a date for going to the Christmas markets in Birmingham with my boyfriend and his family, which I am really looking forward to. So lets hope they live up to the standards!

5. Β Christmas Eve boxes

I’ve seen the idea of ‘Christmas Eve boxes’ all over the internet for a few years now, and now that I’m old enough/have my own jobs, I’ve decided to make one for me and Nathan. Whilst we are both grown ups, I still think that you cant beat sitting in on Christmas Eve, with new pyjamas, a Christmas movie, snacks and some hot chocolate. There’s nothing better than it. Guaranteed.

This year I really want to look at the personal, giving side of Christmas. Instead of the holidays being about presents, I want to spend time with friends and family, and focus on genuine happiness and the real reason behind Christmas. I’ve never really done a ‘traditional’ kind of Christmas, where you go to church, but that’s simply because my family aren’t church goers. It’s just something that I want to explore myself.


What festive things are on your to-do list?

Thanks for reading,

Kelsey x



*featured image is not mine*


8 thoughts on “A Christmas To-do List

      1. Dani

        Great! We look forward to seeing your photos! The post has all of the rules, and at the end of the challenge comment your post and we will link it in our Challenge review post! πŸ™‚

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  1. I love writing Christmas cards, I have written a few already I need to do some more but I have to be in the mood as I like writing messages in them.
    Christmas Markets is a must for me – I have just come back from Berlin and I have never felt so festive.
    Great post lovely xo

    Liked by 1 person

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