Hello everybody,

October is over…. LET CHRISTMAS BEGIN!

Okay, but in all seriousness though to finish October off, I thought I would do a small but sweet post on pumpkin carving. My boyfriend and I popped into ASDA (good old trusty ASDA) and picked out some perfectly round, orange pumpkins. We brought them home, and had a little pumpkin carving competition, which was fun and competitive, and its something we both really enjoyed.

As some of you may/may not know I go to university, so I go weeks/months without seeing Nathan, which can be hard. Although it makes us value our time together which is good. When we spend time together it’s usually fairly relaxed, minimal and cosy. Sooooo I wanted to make our weekend fun, festive and a little bit competitive.

So, the aim of the game (it’s not really a game, I just wanted to use a snazzy catchphrase…) is to design and carve out your own pumpkin, without showing the opposition. When you have both finished you display your pumpkins to each other and the housemates to gain votes. I put a little extra pressure by posting pictures on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to get people’s votes on whose pumpkin they preferred.



Okay, so I took some photos with and without light. (Yes we did use an iPhone torch, because I was in a house of boys who, surprise surprise, don’t own candles).

I think you can tell (stereotypically) which one I did, and which one my boyfriend did… To be honest, I didn’t have a clue who his pumpkin was, but apparently its this guy from Rick and Morty. I think if people knew who he had carved, then he probably would have won, because, lets be honest, he’s got the face spot-on.


For those of you who don’t know who I carved, its Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, AKA this creepy dude:


We had loads of fun competitive carving together, and afterwards even made one of the pumpkins into a tasty pumpkin pie. Stay tuned to find out which pumpkin survived, and the recipe for Pumpkin Pie!

Let me know in the comments which pumpkin was your favourite, and tweet me with your own pumpkin designs @kelsey_badley

Thanks for reading,

Kelsey x








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