1 Year

Hello again!

First off, I hope anyone reading this is having an awesome day and staying positive. Life is just way too short to be a grump and not see the good in things.

Im just sat here, thinking about how much my life has changed in the space of 1 year. It baffles me, and sometimes scares me. Although, I understand that change is good but when you sit back and look (and I mean really look) at the past 365 days of your life, I guarantee that several aspects have changed. Whether it be the people you once called friends, or the old naive you who thought there was no bad in the world. Or if there was, you would be fortunate enough not to have experienced it.

Now, don’t get me wrong I haven’t experienced a lot of bad at all. No where near as much as other people, which I am immensely grateful for. And when I think about that, it really puts my “problems” into perspective, because really I don’t have any problems. They’re just little bumps in the road, there to keep life interesting. Learning curves, character builders. ย Sometimes these bumps look like tiny little molehills, a mere inconvenience. Other times, they look like Everest. An impossibility waiting for you to tackle it. You just have to keep going, keep pushing and making every moment count because we won’t be here forever.

This time last year, I had met numerous amounts of people. Some, who I thought would be my friends, some who I was not particularly keen on at all. Now, the people who I thought were going to be my friends, my “ride or dies” actually turned out to be a paragraph, or maybe even just a sentence in the book of my life. One thing that the past 365 days have taught me, is that the people who come into your life, are either lessons, or blessings. Sometimes the lesson is so blindingly obvious, that you learn and move on. Then other times it may take you months, maybe even years to realise the lesson. Some people in our life are blessings, and once we meet them we just know, and we never let them go. But occasionally, people come across a blessing but don’t actually realise its true worth until its gone.

Life is so short, and you don’t realise it until your sat in an arm chair on your 60th birthday wondering where the time has gone, or until your last breath. So always try and see the good in a bad situation, and never ever take anything or anyone for granted. Even the bad people are put into our lives for a reason. It may just be a while until you find out why.

This blog post is for the people I naively called my ‘best friend’, for the people who always have to be better than you, and lastly for all of the change, good and bad, thats happened all within 365 days.

Just keep being you, and life will treat you fine.

Stay positive.

Kelsey x


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