Hello again guys!

Going back to university means lots of different things, but for me, it means SHOPPING! Now I don’t know about you, but I love a good shop. Especially if it involves cute room decor, and cosy bedding! The first place I headed to was Primark, I purchased some bedding which was decorated in a marble/baby pink pattern, and to match it, I found a grey fleece throw and two blush coloured cushions!

So Primark is relatively cheap, and the quality of their products is improving a lot! Personally, I am obsessed with the place and can’t get enough of it. The prices are so affordable, especially for university students like me!


If I remember rightly, the bed sheet was £4, the grey throw was £6 and the pack of 2 cushions cost me just £5.50! The cushions and throw are super duper soft, which makes them perfect to snuggle into on the cold autumn nights.


I purchased the fairy lights from B&M, £3. They are battery powered (it sucks I know) but thats the only way I’m allowed them at university. They glow so nicely and I am in love with them. Honestly though, fairy lights just make a room 10000000x more cosier. LOVE. I have a few of my favourite pictures hanging from the fairy lights by little grey pegs. The pegs came from a different product which I purchased from Primark, and just by being grey in colour, they fit into my room perfectly.


So, this is the other product from Primark that I was talking about. It’s a grey frame, with rose gold-coloured metal creating a grid affect. Then there are a bunch of small grey pegs  which have some cute card pictures attached to them! This was £6 from Primark, which I thought was so good because it just adds that little bit of character, to an otherwise dull room. There are no sharp hooks or wires sticking out, which is what you want and you could probably pin it up if you wanted to!



Finally, a simple copper-colured metal basket. It’s such a sturdy basket with little handles on either side, so you can lift it and carry it around. I purchased this from Home bargains for £3.99 and I use it to pop all of my toiletries and shower stuff in to. It’s super handy as it saves you from having to juggle different bottles around when you walk to the shower. Which, trust me, happens a lot. Then you end up dropping bottles of shampoo and body wash all over the place and it ends up being one. big. mess.

I would definitely recommend making your dorm room as homely and cosy as you possibly can, because you will be living there for a year (maybe more). So the best thing you can do, is make it somewhere nice for you to live. Whether that means buying little succulents and plants, or making your bed look like the cosiest place on earth. I would just make your dorm room, your little happy space.


Thanks for reading,

Kelsey x

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