It’s Just a Bit Odd.

Hello again guys!

So last night was my final night at home  😦  but I spent it with my favourite group of people, playing card games, eating take-out and having some general (stupid) chit chat. It was such an enjoyable night, and being away at university just makes you realise how much you do treasure those friends. So, I guess you could say I’m looking forward to seeing them all in October, even though I’ve only just said goodbye!

This summer has been a bit odd though. I left my job at a supermarket, and then managed to be employed by three other businesses, but didn’t make much money. I’ve learnt that the people who matter, are the people who’ve got your back. The ‘ride or die’ friends. I’ve developed and grown as a person. And to be fair, my make-up skills have also improved, which is a bonus! It was a pretty standard summer, but I suppose when I look back at what has happened, it’s actually been a very ‘character-building’ kind of summer.

Right so anywho, moving on from reminiscing about the past 3 months…  At the minute, I’m sat on my bed in temporary accommodation, where I will be spending my week. I’ll move into my actual room on Friday evening (which I am so excited about, by the way) and spend the weekend making it all cute and cosy! So if I were you, id be expecting a blog post of my newly decorated uni room. The reason for all of this ‘temporary accommodation’ malarkey, is because I have secured a job (yes, another job to add to my list) with the university, which basically means I live in halls again but with the freshers and I just help them out and send them in the right direction. Easy Peasy.

So it was just a little update really, but thank you for reading!

Kelsey x

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