Hello again guys,


Okay so Autumn, is without a doubt the best season of the year. Why? I hear you ask, well here’s a little list for you all.
– Crispy leaves
– Pretty colours
– The smokey smell in the air (I call it the smell of Autumn)
– Knitted jumpers
– Mustard yellow and wine red
– Ugg boots
– Short days
– Cold snuggle weather
– Hot chocolate
– Soup
– Bonfire night
– Halloween
– My birthday

This is pretty much a small list of things I love about Autumn. Its such a pretty season with the different hues provided by the fallen leaves, and I am so excited for it to kick start because you can match your makeup with the weather, you can layer clothes so outfits will look sooo good.
There’s just something aesthetically pleasing about autumn.

There is nothing better on a cold autumn Sunday, than sitting down to read, journal, or write a blog post with a nice mug of tea.
But just to mix things up a little bit… I had a mug of hot chocolate! (I don’t know, I was feeling incredibly christmassy… don’t judge).
Well, let me tell you. It was the best hot chocolate I have had aaaallll year. I made my hot chocolate in a different way this time though, as I saw a youtuber (Jazzy Bumblee I think) make her hot chocolate this way, and believe me it will not fail to impress.

So, heres how to make the best hot chocolate you will ever taste:
You will need:
*Hot chocolate powder of your choice
*Squirty Cream
*Marshmallows (regular or mini)
*Hot water
*Your favourite mug

And here’s how to make it….
Place some squirty cream into the mug of your choice, with a spoon full of hot chocolate powder.
Mix until its almost liquidy (like a milkshake).
Add two more heaped teaspoons of chocolate powder and slowly pour the hot water on top of the creamy chocolate mix.
Stir the hot chocolate, making sure all the chocolate powder has dissolved.
Whack on a tonne of squirty cream, and throw some marshmallows on top!
Voila, the best hot chocolate ever…

Now, time for the good bit…

Snuggle up with a book, movie or anything relaxing, and enjoy the warm chocolatey drink.

I mean, its basically Christmas now right?

You guys have got to try the hot chocolate, and let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading,

Kelsey x

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