August Favourites

Hey guys,

This month I have been relatively obsessed with a few products (as you do). So I thought I’d share my little gems with you!

Originally this post was going to be called ‘August Beauty Favourites’ but then one of my favourite things was food… But not just any food…


Right so I have to put these in my August favourites because, oh my gosh are they delicious. Its basically the taste of summer…but in an ice lolly. They’re a peachy flavoured prosecco with 4.5% alcohol in each lolly (Lit Lit)  These are only £2.99 in Aldi and are so worth it. They are the perfect treat to cool you down on a hot summers day, and the packaging is so cute too. I think I had the whole box, apart from 1… because I’m a pig… and I love my mum so left one for her!

So the next bunch are all my skin care favourites from the month, and they’re all from The Body Shop. My obsession. Okay, so we’ll start ion a logical order and begin with the seaweed scrub. This stuff has worked miracles on my skin, its an exfoliating scrub which gets rid of all of the grease and dirt whilst leaving your skin refreshed and matte, instead of shiny! The seaweed is a natural ingredient which is kind to your skin so there is literally no soreness or dryness. It is my go-to, everyday face wash.

The tea tree anti-imperfection daily solution (what a mouthful) is in a dainty bottle, but the solution inside goes a long way. Ive used it every day and night since June and there’s still 3/4 of a bottle left. I suppose how much you use, depends on how big your face is really…  So with this, you squeeze the pipette and then drop the solution onto your face (using the pipette dropper thing) and then gently massage it into your skin. It mattifies the skin and reduces overall redness, which is what we want! So no more red, greasy looking skin! I am obsessed. I quite like using the solution as a primer, as it leaves a tacky residue before it dries which is great for putting make-up on. Obsessed.

Finally, we have the little Strawberry body set. This consists of a miniature shower gel, body butter and hand cream. Now, let me tell you, the strawberry hand cream is hands down (haha, punny) one of the best creams I have ever used. It smells incredible and the smells sticks with you for a long time, which is great because who doesn’t want to smell like strawberries?! It leaves your hands silky soft for the rest of the day! The body butter is similar to the hand cream, except its a butter, and its for your body.     Its thicker than the cream but still leaves you soft and smelling of strawberries. Honestly its one of those smells that makes you want to eat it. The shower gel is just as smelly, and leaves the bathroom smelling amazing as well as leaving you feeling super duper clean. Its like a bathroom essential, a must have. Or if you don’t like strawberries, I’m sure the mango one will do!







So thats just a few of my August favourites! Everything that I’ve written about, I would 100% recommend to anybody (unless you’re under 18, in which case… no prosecco pops for youuuu).

Thank you for reading and see you guys with a new post sooooooon


Kelsey x

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